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An oxymoron is something self-contradictory. Not consistent in principles or conduct. Unsuitable, ridiculous, absurd. (Definitions taken directly from dictionary.com)

As you read this, please keep in mind it is only one woman’s observation. I take full responsibility for it. It may make you angry or you may agree with me. I encourage you to read through to the end, this story has a happy ending.

The world has never been in greater need of love than now.  Personal convictions have turned into wars; skin color has become a right. Drug overdoses, homicides and suicides are at staggering numbers and tolerance is no longer just a suggestion. People are ridiculed for their beliefs and are shamed. Their reputations are tarnished, their livelihoods taken away and are forced into submission one way or another. Right has become wrong; life is no longer a gift but a choice. God didn’t create the universe, it happened by chance and we all evolved from apes. The story of Adam and Eve is just a fable and for those who believe in Adam and Eve, there are those who believe in Adam and Steve.

For some reason, people believe that marrying the same sex affords them a happier life. But how do we account for those who split over irreconcilable differences, lack of communication, money, sex or kids.  Isn’t that the same thing that heterosexuals split over? People are people no matter the sex. But now the sexes are confusing. What was born male has now become female. We now have television shows with trans genders discussing their confusion as to why they can’t find fulfilling relationships. Only man and woman can pro-create which becomes an issue when same sex couples integrate.

Then there is the subject of religion. Created as “One Nation under God”, we have thrown Him out of schools, government, the workplace and even the church itself. People are afraid to speak out for fear of being chastised or even killed yet we go out of our way to accommodate various religions and often showcase them for a pat on the back or a TV show. We are being told to believe in something, but not God. At least not the God who had a son named Jesus. God is cool, but Jesus isn’t, unless you believe he was just a hippie prophet who went around suggesting good ideas.

Everywhere I go, everything I think, the very reason I’m here is challenged everyday. Not by me, I know where I came from and who I belong to. I wish everyone knew what I know, learned what I did, and encountered the man who saved me, changed me and made me new. The one who taught me right from wrong, gave me eternal life and guarantees me a place in eternity. He’s out there and He’s God. He created the universe and sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for my sins. Of course that begs the question of Jesus being born to a virgin. Yes, I believe he was born to a virgin if you can believe the miracle of life is just a happy accident.

The God I believe in showers me with Love, Grace, Kindness, Wisdom and Forgiveness. He teaches me truths that are not up for debate and gives me courage to fight for what I believe in. I will leave this earth with the same opinion; no one is smart enough to change my mind. I pray for you to meet this man. He is waiting to meet you. Just look up to heaven and ask Him to show you who He is. He will teach you truth and love you along the way. He will infuse you with wisdom and the strength to make good decisions. He will give you boldness and the distinct ability to know right from wrong. Best of all, He has nothing but unconditional love for you.

For those of you who stuck with me and are currently reading this, I thank you. I’ve already prayed for your personal encounter with the God I know. Look out! He will rock your world!


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