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I love to pray. It’s what has gotten me through life; in good times and in bad, I pray. Our church, (The Living Word in Vandalia, OH) has a small but mighty prayer group that gets together at 6am during the week. It has become a ritual that I end each prayer with the same scripture. I’ve been saying this over my life, my family and my friends for years. It’s powerful and my adaptation of Ephesians 6:10. “Father, today we put on the full amour of God quenching every fiery dart of the wicked one; and because we do, we walk in divine health in our bodies, minds, souls and spirits.”

I have shared this scripture with many as my “key to freedom”, but for the last several weeks, I’ve been unable to pray it. On the few occasions that I did (out of courtesy because someone else wanted to hear it), it was physically and spiritually painful to even form the words. I felt like a hypocrite because deep down I no longer believed what I was saying. All of a sudden, the very words I counted on for personal victory had become unbelievably painful??!

I came to realize that I no longer believed that God could function in me because I had slipped into a place where worry had overtaken God’s promises in my life. I was clothed in so much fear and anxiety that there was no room for God to work. Then it hit me …

As I was praying to “…put on the full armour of God…”, gently and sweetly as God always does, He spoke to my heart and said “You can’t put something on when you’re already wearing a coat.” BAM! Suddenly, it all made sense. We can’t walk around reciting God’s promises if we’re wearing too much of the world.

Take off your coat and stay in God’s presence for a while. It’ll warm you up 🙂


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