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I broke a glass the other day, it was one of my favorites.  The stem of it shattered into tiny little pieces all over the kitchen floor.  I was barefoot standing in the middle of a mine field with shards of glass everywhere!  I immediately looked down to survey the mess that was around me.  Then I stood on my tip toes and maneuvered myself out of the kitchen making sure not to step on the glass.  It was difficult, but I made it.  I promptly went upstairs and put on some shoes, proceeded to the garage for the broom and dust pan and went back into the kitchen to tackle the mess I had left behind.

As I cleaned with vigor, I thought about how messy life can get sometimes.  Things happen and we end up leaving tiny shards of anger, hateful words and inappropriate actions all over the place.  We leave people behind to “stand in our mess.”  I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.  Life hurts sometimes and our feelings get shattered and we leave messes behind.  It’s okay, we’re human.  But what’s NOT okay is when we abandon our messes.  When we don’t deal with them, when we’ve left mine fields for other people to maneuver around.

Have you ever seen a news story about how a family lived in a house for 20 years and by some strange circumstance they find out that there’s been a grenade buried in the yard that never went off?

Don’t be mine field.






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